Friday, February 18, 2011

He Gives Me Joy

How often do we remember to stop and consider the love God shows to us?
I certainly need to think on His love much more.

And the Joy of the Lord, what a blessing! Happiness is dictated by our circumstances, yet we can still have Joy regardless of our circumstances!!

This past week was a hard one for me, I wasn't feeling too well, my ear is still blocked... and so on. But, God kept giving me little blessings to keep me going. Here are some blessings from today.

Justin texted me this morning that he loved me and missed me.

My littlest sister today came over to me, her hair in braids that were coming loose, and she wrapped her little arms around me and said, "I love you Becca so much!!"
I hugged her and told her I loved her too.

My mom gave me a hug too, since I am taller then her she puts her head on my shoulder. Its so sweet and cute and I LOVE it!!!

My sister Stephie told me all about her books she has been reading about Tinkerbell today. ALL about them! lol. I enjoyed it.

And tonight, Caleb, my little buddy... he was folding some towels. He looked so cute I wanted to give him a hug too! So I said, "Caleb, I feel like giving you a hug, and I can give you a hug! Do you want one?" So, he gave me a big old bear hug.

Then he licked my face.

sigh... brothers.

Then my friend Katey was texting me tonight, she is also getting married and we were chatting about how excited we are about our Fiances, and our excitement about being their wives! You can visit Katey here

Now, with my 350th post on this blog, I bid you a great weekend!

God bless,


HIS daughter said...

Awww I love texting you it is such an encouragement! Love you girl and so thankful to God for our friendship!! :)

Lexie said...

I am a new reader to your blog and I already love it! It's a breathe of fresh air and you seem so lively and nice which I haven't seen in the blog world for quite some time. I look forward to being a regular reader!