Saturday, February 12, 2011

Six Months to Go!!!!!!

In exactly 6 months....

I will wake up in the morning.
I will spend probably one of the craziest mornings of my life preparing.
I will put on a gorgeous white dress.
I will walk down the aisle with my father.
I will make a sacred promise to this man.

I will kiss this man for the first time.

We will begin our new life together.

Now, granted it will not happen as smoothly as this.... but its the general idea!!

6 months to go!!

God bless,


Julia said...

I am so excited for you and hope everything does go that smooth for you. Just remember something probably will go wrong but in the end you will still be married and that is what matters. Later on, you'll be able to laugh about the things that didn't go right. I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

Sharon said...

Aww that is so exciting!! :D