Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Banquet 2011 Photos

Hello from our table at the Valentine Banquet!
Meet, Mark & Melissa, Yesse and Kris, Bruce & Amanda, and Justin & I.
Don't we look like such genteel people?
So sweet, and mature?

"Just you wait!"

Yesse smiling at Kris... these two have been together a few months more then Justin and I.

Such lovely smiles!

My handsome Fiance gave me 12 gorgeous red roses!!
After a great meal, sermon, games and dessert we had some fun fellowship.

Justin and his sister Jessica share a sweet sibling moment...

Then... they kept up being sweet siblings!
lol, this was posed- to be honest, the relationship between these two is wonderful.

Jessica is in her second semester at the college and she is doing great.
Ben asked her to the banquet this year as a friend.

Janierra and Ashley dazzle in their lovely gowns!
It is so much fun to wear the gowns and hear the rustle of the fabric!

Janierra, she has an abundance of hugs!!

Paul and Amy.

Yes, we were outside, and yes he is lying in the snow, and no, I do not know why.
But he looked mighty cute!!

"Hurry up and take the picture! It's freeing out here!!!"

Alyssa and I! Both of us are Brides-to-be!!!

Mark & Melissa will now define submission...

:) "Definition of Submission"
Actually he was goofing off and one of her friends called her. I just snapped the photo at the perfect moment!!!

If anyone is looking for some interesting characters... just come to our college!!!
There seems to be an abundance of young men with a great sense of humor!

We girls just chuckle at their antics...

My very special man and I!!

Bruce & Amanda.

Attempt #1 at a good group shot...
We girls all smile sweetly... but masculine humor abounds.

Attempt #2... hmmmm.

Finally a good photo!

Joy and I, one of my sweet friends, she attends my college class with me.

We were more of a patriotic feel then a Valentine one! My dress is a deep sapphire blue, but the flash from cameras make it look like a bright blue.

Hannah and Joy in their beautiful gowns!

Amy admires Paul's handiwork.
(it's a flower made from paper)

Hannah and Janierra!! These two are my "choir buddies" and good friends!

Matt and Hannah, Ariel & Richard

The Education Majors with Dr and Mrs.B.
Congrats to them, they will be graduating in May!!!
Justin is a Secondary Ed. major.

Dan wrapped up the evening by "borrowing" roses and making a "Thanks Everybody" Speech.

We had a great time at the banquet, it was a very special evening of fellowship, and for us couples a time to celebrate.

God bless,

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Covey Family said...

haha reminds me of my future college! A bunch of goofy people, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!