Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whats New!

Hello Everyone!
So, there are some new things going on in my life recently!

I had to go see my Doctor this pas week, due to a blocked left ear. She took a look and its not from wax build-up like I thought. My ear drum is inflamed and very red. So, it is not vibrating which explains why it is extremely hard for me to hear with my left ear. So, I am on antibiotics and hopefully the ear infection will heal soon! I'm wondering if its connected to the bronchitis I had last year.

It is very annoying though not being able to hear with that ear!!! I have to keep asking my family to repeat stuff because I can't hear what they said!!!

You may have noticed the decrease in photos on this blog. Well, I managed to reach the limit for Picasa web albums free storage. I had to delete alot of photos just to finish "Letters to Justin"

So.... right before or right after I get married I am planning to start a brand new blog! Don't worry I will give you all a link from here once it is ready!!! :)

Wedding news-
Getting ready to work on the invitations and I plan to have a party when I put the invitations all together. I hope to have some friends, Justin's mom and sister, and my cousins over. I think that would be nicer then trying to put 95 invitations together by myself.

95 invitations may not seem much, but we have 229 people on the guest list!! Why so many people? Large families!!! We may have lots of teens and children at the wedding.

I have been working on looking into Butterfly Release companies, to see if we can have a live butterfly release at the reception. The theme is butterflies for the wedding, and Justin and I like the idea of it.

I do all this research and planning and just shake my head in disbelief....

I'm getting MARRIED?


Praise the Lord!!!


(p.s., to my married readers- any advice on wedding planning? like Things that worked for you or things that should be avoided? Thanks!!)


Yaya' s Home said...

Relax. That's the best advie anyone ever gave me; relax an' don't let the stressful little things take away from the beautiful start to your lives together that your wedding should be. Congratulations to both of you.

~ Yaya

Heather said...

If you are having that many people...You really don't want to open that many presents at the wedding. Have someone designated to receive the gifts at the wedding, take them to the reception, open and record all but like 10-20. This frees you up to spend more time visiting, or even to leave earlier. Plus it gives you guests something to look at while they wait on you to arrive after the pictures!

~SALLY~ said...

We opened our cards right after the reception when we got home...that way (sounds bad...I know) we could have the money for the honeymoon! We opened the gifts after our honeymoon...kind of kept the momentum going after the wedding. :)

LOVE your new blog background too! :)