Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I feel kind of odd asking this,
but I am a bit stumped on what to do for my hair for the wedding.

My hair is VERY thick, and since I am getting married in August- I don't know if i should wear it up or down. I also am a bit worried about getting a head ache if I wear it up.
It doesn't hold curls very well.
I am planning to wear a head piece and veil.

Does anyone have any links or ideas for what I could do with this lion's mane of mine??
This photo made me laugh, I was not going to post it because I look hilarious, but It does give a very good idea of how thick my hair is!!

So, any links and suggestions are welcomed!!

God bless,
the Girl with very thick hair, lol


Stephanie said...

Hi Rebecca --

I too have very thick hair which was mid-back length when I got married. I definitely think you should put it up because there's nothing cute about sweaty sticky hair on your neck! (I hate that!) My stylist did a really loose up-do -- after straightening and putting in very loose/large curls she made a loose ponytail initially with some of the hair and pinned the rest up in small, loose curls so it ended up looking quite UN-done but it was NOT gonna fall out because of all the pins and hairspray. Was all off my neck and no headache or scalp soreness at the end of the day.

Jennifer said...

Hope this helps or gives you some ideas!

Miss Emily Rachael said...

I took to google for you and I found this website,

I'll still be searching for ya, I hope you find a hairstyle that works!!!

<3 <3

Lauren said...

I also have pretty thick hair, so I totally understand the stress of it sometimes!! ;) What I have done when I have gone to a formal or something is loosely curl, hairspray, then pin up in a "rosette" kinda thing. This makes a very pretty up-do and keeps your hair out of your face at the same time. ;) If you go to my blog page and look at the post titled "Christmas Formal" you can see some pictures of this hairstyle.
Blessings! ;)

Schy said...

A few ideas..

& Thick hair is beautiful! Hope you like the suggestions keep in mind I have never been married and our hair textures are not similar :)


~SALLY~ said...

I just saw this post today. Oops..a bit behind!

Anyway,I too have very thick hair so I did a half up half down look. Basically I had half of my hair in a clip, then curled the hair and had it pinned on the top/back of my head. Then, I just did ringletts for the rest of my hair. If your stylist curls small pieces at a time, it should hold too. Oh..and LOTS of hairspray! :) Mine held really nicely (which is very unusual). Have fun! This is half the fun! LOL!!!