Friday, March 4, 2011

More Details!!

I discovered recently that there will soon be just 5 months till the wedding!! Not only is this terribly exciting, but it also means I have alot to get done in a short amount of time!

Justin is almost done with the student teaching!!!! (HALLELUJAH!)
Once that is over with we can start really getting planning done,
-we have gotten a few things done these past 6 weeks but its been tough.
College is going exceptionally well for me, midterms though next week!!!

Next big project is the wedding invitations. Not exactly looking forward to all the work this will entail, but it will be exciting nonetheless.

We are working on music too, Jessica has been an immense help with this.

Last night Justin and I worked on the order of the ceremony. That was fun, I enjoyed that.

Still have to work on bridesmaids gowns to get them actually ordered, and then have to look for my shoes, I have my jewelry already and my headpiece. Flowers, cake decorations.... whew.

I am already packing some stuff up. I figure it might be better to gradually pack my things then to suddenly have to pack EVERYTHING a month or two beforehand.

I hope you like these photos, its all my own work.

God bless, and I appreciate those who are praying for Justin and I as we plan!

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Lauren said...

Love your ring pictures! Congratulations to you both! :)
God's blessings!