Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Special Day!

We celebrated our two year mark yesterday!

My gift to Justin.

We had a very nice day together, and I still can't believe its been 2 years!

God bless,

part II of our story is on its way, its getting kinda long! I am mostly writing this all out for myself so I don't forget the "little" details. There are alot of little details! But it makes our story so awesome!


Angie said...

Two years of not holding hands. Wow, I just can't get over that. Yes, I'm still reading and lurking. I'm SO happy for you both. I have enjoyed reading about your wedding preps. Will your wedding be inside or outside? Is your dress long sleeves or short sleeves? Will you be wearing heels or flats? My cousin got married in flip flops. Well, these are just a few fun questions that others have probably already asked. We look forward to more wedding posts. Hope your family is doing well. Take care! :)

~Rebecca~ said...

Hi Angie!
two years not holding hands is crazy, I know! :) I can't wait for it to be over!! But, it will be worth the wait. I am SO GLAD only 4 months and so many weeks to go!!!!!

Our wedding ceremony will be indoors, the reception will be outside under a tent/canopy thing.

My dress is a short sleeve one, it is going to be August! Its not a cap sleeve.

Heels or flats? I don't know. the shoes situation is proving a challenge. I think a small or medium heel, but I want to be comfortable because I'm going to be standing a long time! I have even thought of having heels for ceremony/photos then changing to flats/sandals for the reception.

Thanks for the questions! feel free to ask!

Are you from the Free Jinger Forums?


Angie said...

Hey Rebecca! I forgot the wedding is in August so I should have known you were not going to sweat it out in long sleeves.

Who is Jinger and what did she do? Guess I'll have to google the name. Is it suppose to be spelled with a J? Interesting.

I wrote you last year to ask why you you didn't hold hands. I was so happy that you did a post on your blog for my question. I'm Beanieweny. :) Do you remember me now? Beans and weiners was my pop's favorite side dish. He ate it almost everyday. Thought I'd pay tribute. ;)

Thanks so much for answering my questions! I LOVE reading about LOVE. Can't wait to read more. Have you decided on what style wedding cake you want? Both of you will get to sample different flavors of cake!! Super fun! Ok enough questions. Hope you both have a great day. :D

~Rebecca~ said...

Hi Angie!
Free Jinger is the name of a forum, and I have readers who visit me from the forum. :) I just found the forum about a week ago.

Wedding cake? we know what bakery we are going with...they have 11 flavors I guess! lol. Don't know what we want quite yet. Justin's voting for chocolate!

Yes, I do remember you from the holding hands posts! Justin and I are not as strict as some couples. We sit close together, and once in a blue moon our hands meet for a moment or two. :) So, its not like I have never ever ever touched my fiance. lol.

I don't recall beanieweny. Thanks for your wonderful questions and for reading my blog!! I love questions!!