Friday, April 29, 2011

Three and a Half Months to Go!

In three and a half months I am getting married!!!!!!!!
In about 2 weeks Justin and I officially graduate college, I am very excited about that!

God's grace is abounding in our lives right now,
and He is keeping us strong as the time draws nearer.
I have seen so many miracles happen!

God bless,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding Planning- A Joy to be "Endured"

Wedding planning is VERY exciting!
But at times, it is exhausting.
And the harder it is to "get things to work"-
the more God gets the glory when things finally come together.

He has preformed miracle after miracle with the planning. Through this whole experience I am learning more and more that I simply need to trust my Savior, and trust Justin.
Justin often reminds me not to worry, "Just trust the Lord dear, God knows exactly what He is doing, and it is all going to come together,"

My man is very sweet.
I've seen him tired from work and school, and just plain worn out- but still adamant that if I need him to just let him know.

It is so nice to have someone I can depend on like that,
to always forgive me for a lousy attitude,
or be patient with me when I just need someone to listen.
to forgive me,
And all along still thinking I'm the best gal around!


It is so worth it to wait on the Lord for your man!
Don't get discouraged young ladies, Someday when your man is calling you just to say good morning to you-remember- its worth it!

God bless!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Looking Unto Jesus

My home church recently had a Bible Conference that went from Sunday to Thursday, with chapels each morning and a service each night. I was able to go on Thursday for the morning chapels, and got to spend part of the time with Justin! :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the preaching and it was SO NICE to spend some time with Justin!!
The last sermon of the conference was about allowing God to do the impossible and trusting Him. For the past few days I have been really discouraged with some problems with the wedding planning... so the sermon was a huge blessing.

When I can't go on anymore...when I am weary, worn and want to quit and can only say "God, I can't- but I know You can,"- that is when God performs a miracle...

-Last night after church someone gave us a monetary gift toward the wedding!
God is faithful, and I pray He richly blesses this person for the blessing they gave to Justin and I.

The Men's Quartet from the college sang "I'm Looking Unto Jesus"
I was blown away by how they sounded!
They just keep getting better ever passing semester!

I'm looking forward to graduation come May,
but I have loved my college years and am just a teeny tiny bit sad that it will end.

So, what blessings has God given you today?

God bless,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Junior Bridesmaid Dress?

Hi everyone!

My little sister, Stephie, is my junior bridesmaid.
I am running into the problem of finding a dress for her.
My mom is thinking about sewing Stephie's dress but we can't seem to find a pattern that has sleeves. We are thinking of either sewing it or purchasing one.

Do any of you know of either patterns, or stores that sell Junior bridesmaid dresses with sleeves?

I have found a few dresses online, but none come in purple.


God bless,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

College Memories

Some college students and I were invited over to the D's house for lunch and... this friend of mine's surprise birthday party! Lorissa turned 20!

Mr. D loves history and antiques. He is holding a light made Thomas Edison!
The pewter pot belonged to Robert E. Lee and the book was written around 1885! He also showed us a 150 year old music box that still worked!

Amanda & Bruce, and Randall trying to figure out a puzzle.
Bruce is one of the groomsmen for the wedding!

Mark had a great time with this puzzle cube. He was quite intent on figuring out. It was so funny!
He is also one of our groomsmen!

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More Photos and a few videos (funny!!) from the surprise Birthday party!
Enjoy! We had alot of fun!

God bless,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Day

My day was crazy!

We experienced a few technical difficulties today with ordering the bridesmaid gowns.

Long story very very short... I have 3 bridesmaids and of course, my maid of honor. So, we needed to get dresses for my girls! After a long and harrowing search, I finally found a modest one! I saw a sample gown... and loved it!

Then began the quest to find a way to order the gown! With one exception, all of my girls are out of state. So, we searched and searched and searched for a way to order them near their own homes.

Today was the last long "battle" with retailers to get the dresses ordered!
Good news! We got them ordered!
Bad news is, they wont come in till around July 1st. So, we are praying they come swiftly and all in the right color and can be altered with no complications.

The best part was I DIDN'T PANIC!!!!!!!
That was wonderful, because normally I always panic and get anxious and worried.
Maybe I am just getting used to things going wrong... I don't know. lol
I probably will get all worried next time! :)

Big thanks to Galina, Jordan and Justin's Mom for helping this get all done today! We spent alot of time one the phones calling retailers and each other and emailing companies!

Thanks to my mom for encouraging me! :)

Now though I am one tired bride-to-be!

God bless,
~Rebecca (aka the sleepy gal)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MRIs and the Little Red Hat

First the MRI results, then I will tell you about the Little Red Hat.

The MRI results came back clear, so nothing is wrong! I still don't know what is causing my headaches. But I am relieved that all is a-o-k in my cranium!

I heard from Katey, and her tooth extraction went smoothly! Hopefully she will be fully recovered very soon! It was nice to encourage one another during our health issues.
We go through similar problems, stresses and even blessings at almost the same times... I am so glad we can encourage each other!!

Ok, so the Little Red Hat.
How did I get such a darling hat?
Why from my darling Fiance!

He is sooo sweet!!!! :)

Well, we went Wedding Band shopping Saturday, and we visited a store called Claire's to look at hair stuff for my sisters (junior bridesmaid and flower girl) I put the hat on for a laugh.

"Do you like that hat?" Justin asked.
"Yes! its so cute!" I said.

"Would you like that hat...if its on sale?" Justin asked.
I thought a moment. He wanted to buy me that hat? Awwww....
"Only if its on sale," I said.

He bought the hat! I inquired why he did.

"You looked just too cute in it!" he answered.


And that is the story of the Little Red Hat.
I love it!
Thank you Justin!

God bless,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is it just me?

Or is being sick a common thing with brides-to-be?


I am over the bronchitis, and my ear is at last unblocked (praise the Lord!)

But I still would appreciate your prayers!
I had to go for an MRI today.

I have been getting headaches for quite a few years now from the back of my head, I mentioned it to my doctor last week and she sent me to get an MRI to find out what is going on in there.

I am trying to trust the lord and not worry about what is going on. Justin and all my friends have been a huge blessing and encouragement!

Be in prayer for Katey!
She is having a wisdom tooth taken out tomorrow.
Another bride-to-be friend of mine.

I didn't know being a bride was such hard work!!
I could have used a job description.....


As exhausting and insane as planning the wedding is.... it will be worth it.

God bless,

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Story... part 3

......the Christmas banquet was coming.
I wondered if maybe Justin was going to ask me to go with him....
or if I would have to go alone.

Our Story, part III

I went alone.

"The Christmas Banquet was coming, and... I desired to ask her to the banquet. Only I did not know if she felt the same way and I did not want things to move ahead of the God's timing..."
- Justin

I was missing my dear friend Galina so much!
Who would I talk to at the banquet??

So, I went to the banquet missing my best friend and hoping that the other college girls would want me to sit with them.

When I got to the banquet a few girls told me, "Come sit with us!" so we went to put our coats in the side room. Justin followed us talking to one girl about a college paper he was writing.
We got to our table, the girls sat down....
and I ended up alone at the other end facing an empty chair.
As I resigned myself to just "enjoy the meal" I happened to see a hand on the empty chair in front of me, "May I sit with you?"

I looked up, and there was Justin.
I am not joking, my heart skipped a beat right then and there!

"Yes, of course you can!"

"God saw my caution and blessed that.... we both ended up sitting across from each other. It turned into a special night as we talked and discovered more about each other. I knew I had found someone special."

So thats it right?
We met officially and instantly fell madly in love and KNEW we were meant for each other.....

Not exactly.

but you will have to wait for part 4 to find out what really happened.

God bless,

Friday, April 1, 2011

I See the Light

I'm just a sentimental romantic, lol....

God bless,