Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Looking Unto Jesus

My home church recently had a Bible Conference that went from Sunday to Thursday, with chapels each morning and a service each night. I was able to go on Thursday for the morning chapels, and got to spend part of the time with Justin! :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the preaching and it was SO NICE to spend some time with Justin!!
The last sermon of the conference was about allowing God to do the impossible and trusting Him. For the past few days I have been really discouraged with some problems with the wedding planning... so the sermon was a huge blessing.

When I can't go on anymore...when I am weary, worn and want to quit and can only say "God, I can't- but I know You can,"- that is when God performs a miracle...

-Last night after church someone gave us a monetary gift toward the wedding!
God is faithful, and I pray He richly blesses this person for the blessing they gave to Justin and I.

The Men's Quartet from the college sang "I'm Looking Unto Jesus"
I was blown away by how they sounded!
They just keep getting better ever passing semester!

I'm looking forward to graduation come May,
but I have loved my college years and am just a teeny tiny bit sad that it will end.

So, what blessings has God given you today?

God bless,

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