Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Day

My day was crazy!

We experienced a few technical difficulties today with ordering the bridesmaid gowns.

Long story very very short... I have 3 bridesmaids and of course, my maid of honor. So, we needed to get dresses for my girls! After a long and harrowing search, I finally found a modest one! I saw a sample gown... and loved it!

Then began the quest to find a way to order the gown! With one exception, all of my girls are out of state. So, we searched and searched and searched for a way to order them near their own homes.

Today was the last long "battle" with retailers to get the dresses ordered!
Good news! We got them ordered!
Bad news is, they wont come in till around July 1st. So, we are praying they come swiftly and all in the right color and can be altered with no complications.

The best part was I DIDN'T PANIC!!!!!!!
That was wonderful, because normally I always panic and get anxious and worried.
Maybe I am just getting used to things going wrong... I don't know. lol
I probably will get all worried next time! :)

Big thanks to Galina, Jordan and Justin's Mom for helping this get all done today! We spent alot of time one the phones calling retailers and each other and emailing companies!

Thanks to my mom for encouraging me! :)

Now though I am one tired bride-to-be!

God bless,
~Rebecca (aka the sleepy gal)


Anonymous said...

You are so blessed. :-) I was thinking about you today. I thought, it's going to be cool when you have a baby. :p

~SALLY~ said...

AWW! I haven't been on your blog in awhile and I am so sorry to hear of your troubles! But, you are keeping your head on straight...which is good. LOL! Talk about stress...when my dress came in (I probably told you this already and if so, well, too are gonna hear it again! HA!) I had to lose 25 3 months in order to fit into it. The sizing was crazy and although I ordered my size, it was too small! EEEK! I am glad you got everything worked out. It will all be SO worth it! Hang in are getting closer! :)

HIS daughter said...

YAYAYAYA!!!! Praying they will be perfect Lord willing! So excited the battle was won :)
Love and hugs! :)