Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Story... part 3

......the Christmas banquet was coming.
I wondered if maybe Justin was going to ask me to go with him....
or if I would have to go alone.

Our Story, part III

I went alone.

"The Christmas Banquet was coming, and... I desired to ask her to the banquet. Only I did not know if she felt the same way and I did not want things to move ahead of the God's timing..."
- Justin

I was missing my dear friend Galina so much!
Who would I talk to at the banquet??

So, I went to the banquet missing my best friend and hoping that the other college girls would want me to sit with them.

When I got to the banquet a few girls told me, "Come sit with us!" so we went to put our coats in the side room. Justin followed us talking to one girl about a college paper he was writing.
We got to our table, the girls sat down....
and I ended up alone at the other end facing an empty chair.
As I resigned myself to just "enjoy the meal" I happened to see a hand on the empty chair in front of me, "May I sit with you?"

I looked up, and there was Justin.
I am not joking, my heart skipped a beat right then and there!

"Yes, of course you can!"

"God saw my caution and blessed that.... we both ended up sitting across from each other. It turned into a special night as we talked and discovered more about each other. I knew I had found someone special."

So thats it right?
We met officially and instantly fell madly in love and KNEW we were meant for each other.....

Not exactly.

but you will have to wait for part 4 to find out what really happened.

God bless,

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