Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding Planning- A Joy to be "Endured"

Wedding planning is VERY exciting!
But at times, it is exhausting.
And the harder it is to "get things to work"-
the more God gets the glory when things finally come together.

He has preformed miracle after miracle with the planning. Through this whole experience I am learning more and more that I simply need to trust my Savior, and trust Justin.
Justin often reminds me not to worry, "Just trust the Lord dear, God knows exactly what He is doing, and it is all going to come together,"

My man is very sweet.
I've seen him tired from work and school, and just plain worn out- but still adamant that if I need him to just let him know.

It is so nice to have someone I can depend on like that,
to always forgive me for a lousy attitude,
or be patient with me when I just need someone to listen.
to forgive me,
And all along still thinking I'm the best gal around!


It is so worth it to wait on the Lord for your man!
Don't get discouraged young ladies, Someday when your man is calling you just to say good morning to you-remember- its worth it!

God bless!

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HIS daughter said...

So So TRUE! It is so worth it to wait for the LORDS will for our lives and the man HE has for us! Love you girly! We are almost done! :)