Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congratulations to Jason and Katy!

Katy sent me a few pics via text to share!

So here is your sneak preview of this beautiful bride!
We have kept in touch over the weekend. I am so happy for you Katy!

Congratulations to Katy and Jason on their wedding today!
My prayers are with you for all things to go smoothly, and blessings on you both as you start your new home together. May God richly bless you both!
Big Thanks to Katy for being there to discuss wedding plans with me!
She is a dear friend and a sweet girl. You got a sweet one Jason!

Katy and I have been pen pals and friends for about 2 years now. Our friendship was forged on the common grounds of being two girls who desire to serve God with all of our lives , to love our guys with all of our hearts, and to manage to plan a wedding and remain sane through it all.

Blessings on your wedding day!
God bless,
~Rebecca, Justin, and our families.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Galina!

Happy 20th Birthday Galina!
I miss you very much and hope your birthday celebrations go well!
20 is so exciting!
May the Lord richly bless your year and give you many more to come!

Love, your Becca

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And Yet Another Bride

Congrats to Amanda& Bruce!
Today at a beautiful waterfall, Bruce proposed to his dear girlfriend Amanda!

That makes four brides! I am so excited!
This was our table at the Valentine banquet this past year. It is thrilling to know that we four couples sat together all with the one God created for us.
Its exciting to see God working in all our lives and as we all prepare for marriage.

So please pray for us!

Justin & Rebecca
Kris & Yessenia
Mark & Melissa
Bruce & Amanda

All the guys are from the graduating class of 2011!

God bless,

Someone asked if any of these couples were involved with my wedding,
Yes some are!
Mark and Bruce are groomsmen, and Yessenia is doing the makeup for me and my girls.
All the couples are coming to the wedding.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reception decorations

After much thought I decided upon Flower garlands for decorating the tables at the reception.
Justin's mom has found 7 so far.
I am not going to have the garlands be all identical, as I want a garden like atmosphere.
I also plan to add little butterflies to the garlands

I looked into feather butterflies, but they are $3 a piece for small ones. So I found some coloring page butterflies and will be making them out of paper. Much cheaper! My sister, Stephanie and my brother Collin have been helping me color them in. Afterwards the plan is to cut them out, glue a wire on the back and attach them to the garlands.

Katelyn made this one for me :) Isn't it cute?
I'm going to trim it a little closer and use it.
I don't plan on all the butterflies looking realistic. I know my siblings will feel very special in knowing they had a part in preparing for the wedding.
I love the idea of each butterfly being unique.

God bless,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flowers, Rings and Decorations

I had a very productive weekend!
Justin and I picked out our wedding bands, and I am very excited about that.

We also got our first price for a florist.

The idea for the bridesmaids are calla lilies held like the picture above...

but in these colors.

This is an idea for my bouquet .

And Justin's mom and I picked up some decorations for the reception.
I decided on flower garlands for the tables. I don't have any pictures yet, but you will all see some in due time!

It's getting so busy and exciting around here!

God bless,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Bride!

Congratulations to Mark and Melissa!
Mark recently proposed and we are all excited!
Melissa is the third bride-to-be!

So, here we all are! This photo was taken at the valentine banquet this year.
So- first Justin and I will be tying the knot, then Kris and Yesse, and then Melissa and Mark!
Whew... all these weddings!

Mark is one of Justin's best friends from the college. All the guys know each other pretty well, and we girls are getting to know each other now too.

So exciting!

On that note, the wedding planning is really starting to get busy for me! Getting things done slowly but surely!

God bless,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Class of 2011

Bible College Graduation,
Class of 2011!

Both teachers and graduates alike met in the upper room of the church a half hour before the ceremony was to begin. Preparation for the grand event was soon underway.

Candee smiles for me!

I was not too thrilled about the cap... But thankfully it didn't fall off!

Justin getting ready

He looked so handsome in his cap and gown! :)

Meanwhile, my sisters and my cousin await in the church! My grandparents, and aunt came for my graduation. Justin's grandparents and some extended family also came to help celebrate.

We all walked down the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstance"

One of Justin's best friends, and a groomsman for our wedding, Mark.
He received an award for Christian Leadership and Service, along with his Diploma.
Congrats Mark!

Mr. R, Salutatorian for our class

Jared, Valedictorian.
Congrats to both Mr. R. and Jared!

Dr. Horton preached, and gave a charge to the class.

I received my Bible Certificate.

Justin graduated with Bachelor of Biblical Studies,
Secondary Education, History Major, English Minor.
I am so proud of him!

Dr. Townsley.

One of my teachers and dear friend, Mrs. M with my little brother Jeremiah.

My siblings with Joy.

Mrs. Townsley and I, another one of my teachers.

Bruce & Amanda.

Justin's Dad and I.

My best friend, Galina! I was so happy she was here to see me graduate!
I was very happy she was able to come to my graduation.

Justin and I with my parents.

We made it! A bittersweet moment, I will miss everyone.

Well, here is Collin, my brother.
He hopes to graduate someday.
He will be starting College this fall.
But in the meantime he will just borrow Justin's cap :)

I still can't believe Justin and I are done with College! God is good!

God bless,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


More photos coming soon!

God bless,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Sunday

Galina spent the afternoon with me today!
:) I was so happy!

I can't believe she is really here!
I finally was able to show her all the wedding stuff, my planning notebook, my decorations, my headpiece and my necklace!
It has been one of the top 5 greatest surprises anyone has given me

The graduating class of 2011! I'm so proud of Justin!
This is the largest group in the last 7 years to have known each other all since they were Freshmen back in 2007
(11 out of the 13 are from 2007)
The sad part is, these kids are the heart and soul of the day college, they will be missed!
The good news is, they are graduating and taking the next step serving the Lord..... and wedding bells I hear for some.

Congrats guys!

God bless

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Surprise

(Rebecca and Galina June 2010)

This evening was the College Commencement Concert at my church,
Before I went into the church I got a text from Justin....
"If you see a certain someone have them come sit with us,"
I was very confused.

I went into the auditorium and there was a dear face I haven't seen in almost a year!
My dear Galina came up from down South to surprise me and to come to my graduation Monday! Lina is my best friend and maid-of-honor.

I gave her a great big hug and just cried... I have missed her so much! It's been hard being states away from each other especially now that I am getting married.


I still can't believe it!

God bless,

Friday, May 13, 2011

How do you put 98 invitiations together?

You throw a party!
Some of my friends came over last week to help me put together all of the invitations!

It went very well, and we finished them all in an hour and a half.

Everyone had their own job to do, and as they say,
"Many hands make light work"

It was a wonderful way to complete a task that might have been dull, long and boring!

Justin found these beautiful invitations for $30 total on clearance at Walmart!

It is such sweet relief to know its done!

L-R: Jordan (bridesmaid), Jessica(bridesmaid), Sarah and Elisabeth (cousins), Me, Joy(friend from college), Janierra (friend from college and my helper!)

God bless,