Friday, May 13, 2011

How do you put 98 invitiations together?

You throw a party!
Some of my friends came over last week to help me put together all of the invitations!

It went very well, and we finished them all in an hour and a half.

Everyone had their own job to do, and as they say,
"Many hands make light work"

It was a wonderful way to complete a task that might have been dull, long and boring!

Justin found these beautiful invitations for $30 total on clearance at Walmart!

It is such sweet relief to know its done!

L-R: Jordan (bridesmaid), Jessica(bridesmaid), Sarah and Elisabeth (cousins), Me, Joy(friend from college), Janierra (friend from college and my helper!)

God bless,


Stephanie said...

Rebecca -- Will you post a picture of the invitation you chose? I would love to see it! You chose my favorite pic from the engagement photos! :)

~SALLY~ said...

I remember doing invitations! I "employed" my family and a few friends as well...I think I sent well over 100 too...uggg...thank goodness for self-adhesive stamps!!! We would have been licking to kingdom come! LOL! Looks like you had a blast...thank God for friends who love to help! :)