Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reception decorations

After much thought I decided upon Flower garlands for decorating the tables at the reception.
Justin's mom has found 7 so far.
I am not going to have the garlands be all identical, as I want a garden like atmosphere.
I also plan to add little butterflies to the garlands

I looked into feather butterflies, but they are $3 a piece for small ones. So I found some coloring page butterflies and will be making them out of paper. Much cheaper! My sister, Stephanie and my brother Collin have been helping me color them in. Afterwards the plan is to cut them out, glue a wire on the back and attach them to the garlands.

Katelyn made this one for me :) Isn't it cute?
I'm going to trim it a little closer and use it.
I don't plan on all the butterflies looking realistic. I know my siblings will feel very special in knowing they had a part in preparing for the wedding.
I love the idea of each butterfly being unique.

God bless,

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Ashley said...

I love that idea :) looks like it'll turn out very pretty!