Friday, May 6, 2011

Senior Trip to Boston.... Boston Commons to the Latin School

Here are the first set of photos from the trip!

photos by Me,
Tim, Yesse and Amanda

On the long long long ride to Boston, Kriss gave us a devotional.

Justin did too! :)

We arrived at Boston at last.
Our first spot to find... a restroom please!!!

We found one! While we gals are waiting in line.... Tim takes a pic.
funny funny Tim.
Our faces show our "joy" at being photographed.

Boston Commons
This was my first time to Boston.

Yesse taking it all in with her boyfriend Kriss.
The couple behind are the W.s, our chaperones.

A lovely morning.

Justin and I!

Candee, Alyssa and Janiqua.

Walking around Boston Commons

The weather was beautiful.

A Freedom Trail guide.

An important looking building that I didn't get the name of.

A Civil War monument.

"yeah... nice statue... but look at this!!!"
Apparently there was something even more fascinating about the tree then that stunning statue. I can't remember what! lol but this pic is hilarious!

Yesse probably knew what that building was....

Next we visited Cranary Burial ground

Exploring the graveyard

Paul Revere's tomb.

John Hancock's marker is just as bold as his signature.

Most of the markers have skulls on them.
Kinda creepy....

Benjamin Franklin's parents are buried here.

Ben Franklin's statue by the First Public Latin School.

Stand in opposition.... ?

Ahhhh, a donkey. I get it!
(Republicans and Democrats)

Yesse stand in opposition... to the donkey and her boyfriend.
:) by the way... this day was a BIG day for Yesse and Kriss...
But you will have to wait to find out!
next post soon!

God bless!

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Jennifer said...

the important looking building is the State House (where the major & the representatives work).