Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senior Trip to Boston... Old North Church to the USS Constitution... and a surprise!

Statue of Paul Revere

In the Paul Revere Mall.

The guys in "deep contemplation" over this statue.

Mark was trying so hard not to laugh! College guy humor... gotta love it!

"One if by Land, Two if by Sea,"
The famous Old North church.

Charles Wesley preached in this church for 6 weeks.

The sense of history about this building is thrilling to us history buffs!

We stopped in at Copp's Hill burying ground.

And my favorite stop... Bunker Hill.

It was such a lovely, beautiful, welcoming place...

...To promptly collapse on the grass worn out and exhausted from walking so many miles.
(Tim made the colors weird)

So some of us slept on Bunker Hill.
Thinking all the while about the famous battle that took place here.

Amanda and boyfriend Bruce taking a much needed rest.

Dr. Joseph Warren.
A true Hero.

Tim's epic moment.
The USS Constitution, aka "Old Ironsides"

Justin checking out the Helm.

I think this was a WWII ship.

So after a while we headed to the harbors........

Kriss and Yesse moments before.....

....the moment they will cherish forever.

Kriss proposed!!!!!!!!

Yesse was so happy! But unable to get ahold of anyone to tell the good news for a bit!
(sound familiar... same thing happened to Justin and I)

The highlight of the trip.
Congrats to Yesse and Kriss!!

Although I nearly passed out toward the end of the day, although we were all so sore, although we all got sunburns... we had a terrific time and want to do it again!!!

That's all folks!

God bless,


HIS daughter said...

AWWW that is so sweet! I am so happy for them!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


I'm placing this comment here because I can't find an e-mail address for you.

Thank you for stopping by FJ and answering questions. It couldn't have been easy: There are a lot of us and only one of you - and some of us have been over these arguments so many times and with so many people that our responses are distilled and harsh.

I'm not apologizing for that, of course, in part because it's not my place and in part because that's why our board exists, but I do think it's admirable you came to learn.

I'm glad you did - and I hope you stop by again.