Sunday, May 8, 2011

Senior Trip to Boston...Old State House to Paul Revere's House

The Old South Meeting House

The Old State House... near the site of the Boston Massacre.

A colonial lady enjoying modern technology....

We stopped at Quincy Market for lunch.

Outside Quincy Market a street performer did some stunts to amaze us all.

Now look at that!
He gave me a great smile for the picture!!!!
awwwww.... :)

The Holocaust Memorial.

Numbers of the Jewish prisoners killed during the holocaust are etched onto the glass walls of all 6 towers.

Quotes by survivors were also on the glass.

My favorite photo of us from the whole trip.

A local seafood restaurant had some fun scaring us half to death with a "leaping" lobster.
We thought it was just a display till it "jumped" up and hit the window.
Propelled of course by a cook. We had a good laugh afterwards. This wasn't the only interesting picture taken by Tim...

Tim took these too.
Hmmmm.... looks like we are holding hands.

Nope! Gotcha! :)

Now some maybe rolling their eyes... lol.

Me looking back at the sneaky photographer...

The Sneaky Photographer smirking.

On our way to a famous dwelling.

The door to the left is Paul Revere's home!

Kriss contemplates the balconies.
Mark and Justin contemplate that massive chain.

Bruce & Amanda contemplate the cameras.
Alyssa contemplated flowers.

While Yesse contemplated about her darling Kriss.
Something big was brewing.... but you will just have to wait! We are getting there.

My epic man. :)

Candee and Alyssa.

Next part coming soon!

God bless,

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