Tuesday, June 28, 2011

45 days

45 days to go.
Seems like yesterday we were at 345! lol

We have his wedding band now, still have to go get mine.
But I thought you all would like to see it! He got a tungsten band.
It fits him perfectly. :)

God bless,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meeting Katy and Jason

Monday, June 20th 2011.

Justin came over for supper and after the dishes were done and all we sat on the couch and looked at apartments online. Our attention was elsewhere since we were waiting for Katy and Jason to arrive!

Around 8:38pm I got the text from Katy "We are here!"

8:39pm I was running outside to meet here!
With great laughter and joy Katy and I got to meet each other for the first time and give great big hugs! Jason and Justin just stood there enjoying this crazy excitement.

Katy and I!
I still can't believe we pulled this off! We owe it to the Lord for working this out, and a big thanks to Katy's husband for bringing her down to visit!

Here we all are!
So that was Monday.

Tuesday morning came, I still couldn't believe that Katy and Jason were here! It felt like a dream! lol
Jason here was playing with my sisters while Katy showed me her wedding photos online.

Later that day Katy and I went out shopping together for wedding stuff and some blouses and skirts. It was so much fun! Jason went with Justin to help him pick out clothes for the groomsmen for the wedding.

By the time Katy and I got back to the house the guys were still out. My parents had arranged to take us all out for dinner that evening.
So, for the fun of it- Katy and I got all fancied up for our guys.
Justin was surprised when he saw me.

We went to Ruby Tuesday for supper, and ended up swapping meals.

Don't we look cute? :)

After dinner we went on a tour of my home church, Katy played piano and we sang a few hymns together.

Sweet memories

It was too funny how the guys were both wearing green!
Aren't we a pair of cute couples???

My dad took this photo, its hanging on the wall in my church.

That verse is so true!
We finished Tuesday evening by watching a few episodes of "I Love Lucy"

On Wednesday Jason played with Katelyn one last time.

She adopted Jason! :)

Those two were so funny together.

My sisters loved spending time with Katy and Jason!

Wednesday afternoon Katy and Jason left for Florida, I miss her already!
This meeting was such a gift from God!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Rom 8:28

So, looking forward to someday seeing her again!

I got let in on her news during the visit.
You can visit Katy's blog here 110% Surrendered.

God bless,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

110% Surrendered meets A Rather Unusual Maiden for God

You all know that I am friends with Katy from 110% Surrendered.
Well, we met through blogging and were pen pals for two years. We joked about how awesome it would be to meet someday... but impossible right?

Well, with God all things are possible!!!!!!!!!

The story of how it all happened is coming soon!

God bless,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad!
This is my great grandma, me, and my Dad.

And well.... 22 years later and the family has grown a bit!

Happy Father's Day daddy!

We all love you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We are in the 50s!

We just hit the 59 and counting days till the wedding!

I am actually feeling better about the planning of late, asking Crystal to be the coordinator was a great idea. (Thanks Katy for the suggestion of getting one!) She has been very helpful and right on target. It helps to have someone else be in charge.

We are currently debating the goatee or no-goatee for Justin for the wedding. I personally love the look of it.

But its still being discussed.

So, good news, Justin bought our rings today!!!!!!! He has his ring now, mine is getting re-sized.

And more good news, no reaction to the make-up!!! Thank you to all who prayed!

And last but not least,
Katy and Jason are coming to visit next week! I am so excited! We have been friends for two years and haven't met yet. :(
Its been a fun relationship, sorta pen-pals I guess. She has been a huge blessing and encouragement to me!

Another blessing,
Justin has been able to come visit once or twice a week every week. This has been so encouraging to me. I don't see him as much as I used to during college, and I miss him. I am so thankful he takes the time to come visit, even when he is busy. I am very blessed!

God bless,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 months and counting

So much happened this past week!
Everyday this week I was able to accomplish something for the wedding! It was such a blessing!

Sunday: gave music sheets for the wedding to our pianist

Monday: Janierra and I ran to Savers, the dollar store and a few other places and got some decorations, gifts for wedding helpers, the unity candles and a few other items!
We found 3 candles for $4!! normally Unity candle kits are $30-50.

We also found a basket for $1.50 at Savers, and bought wildflowers sprays at a dollar store for $2.00

Tada! A flower girl basket! Another $30-$40 item at stores.
We made one for 3.50!! I also made Katelyn a matching hair barrette for the wedding.

I am so happy I saved myself about $70.00! God is good.

Tuesday: met with wedding coordinator. We got alot of work done!

Wednesday: worked on some things my wedding coordinator and I had discussed the day before

Thursday: made many phone calls and emails! found out more info about decorating the church, and contacted some people with reception questions.

Friday: Justin and I worked on bridal party gift list and on our vows.

Saturday: went for my first fitting for my wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!
Justin ordered bridesmaid gifts. worked on flowers some more with Justin's mom.

Sunday (6/12/11):
picked a photographer, got more music to our pianist, found another potential song for the wedding. Coordinator found a few useful items from her wedding for me to borrow
did the Make-up trial
*PLEASE pray I do not have an allergic reaction.
We used all hypo-allergenic and prayed the entire time. If I have a reaction then....... not only is it money wasted but I will have red swollen eyes and a fever. I tried regular make-up once when I was 18 and two days later I experienced a reaction. Hopefully tho the hypo-allergenic will not cause a reaction.

So that was my week!
Planning is alright, but its not my favorite thing in the world. I am thankful though to be planning my wedding.
But I am looking forward to all this hard work paying off!

God bless,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 year later....

Exactly one year ago on this day my best friend in the whole world asked me to marry him.
He is the dearest, sweetest, handsomest and best!

So, one year later.........
We are 2 months away from our wedding!
Life is getting very busy with the planning, apartment hunting, shopping, meetings with people, phone calls, emails, research, discussions, and the general insanity of it all.

I have been very discouraged and tired with the planning of late, but Katey and her husband Jason gave me a call and they were both very encouraging! They shared the many things God has done for them with their planning.

It is so neat how God brings people into our lives just when we need them most.

I hope Justin and I can encourage other couples someday too!

God bless,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

2 months and 1 week!

Two months, 1 week.
9 Sundays-to-Saturdays.
68 days.

This is it.
The last long uphill climb.

Trying to get it all done, and stay sane at the same time.

Have considered eloping more then once.
(lol don't we all???)

Can't wait till all this hard work pays off.

Feeling a little stuck with the planning at the moment.

Alot going on this coming week though, hopefully get stuff done.

Will see my dress Saturday!!!!!

God bless,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Picnic

For Memorial Day this year my family and I went up to visit Justin's family for a picnic.

Anna and Leah trying to stay in the shade.
The morning started with a thunderstorm and lots of rain. But later turned into sunny weather.

Justin's dad manned the grill. The food was plentiful and yummi!

Caleb was very excited for this rare opportunity to drink soda. We don't drink much soda. Personally I don't even like soda! :)

Matthew and I.

It was so nice to be here.
The last time my whole family was here was almost a year ago when Justin proposed!

My very awesome (and very handsome!) Fiance and I.
His t-shirt is a "tea" shirt.
We have been able to see each other at least once a week since College graduation. I miss him alot, but I am very blessed. Some of my engaged friends won't see their fiances till my wedding. (two guys are in the bridal party)

70 days to go!

God bless,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jordan's Sister, Katey and Jason

This is Jordan (one of my bridesmaids) and her sister Amber.
Amber was married this past Saturday as well! She and her husband actually visited my church Sunday morning on their way to their honeymoon.

And I heard from Katey on Monday morning before she and Jason set off for their honeymoon. She is really enjoying being married, and she said the wedding went well!

"we just wanted to let u know we love u all so much and are so blessed to have u in our lives! we r having so much fun together and have been so blessed! it was worth waiting for God is so good! love u all :) and thank u so much for making our wedding day perfect! neither of us would have changed a thing!" -Katey

She probably won't be blogging for a bit for those who are curious.

God bless,