Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 months and counting

So much happened this past week!
Everyday this week I was able to accomplish something for the wedding! It was such a blessing!

Sunday: gave music sheets for the wedding to our pianist

Monday: Janierra and I ran to Savers, the dollar store and a few other places and got some decorations, gifts for wedding helpers, the unity candles and a few other items!
We found 3 candles for $4!! normally Unity candle kits are $30-50.

We also found a basket for $1.50 at Savers, and bought wildflowers sprays at a dollar store for $2.00

Tada! A flower girl basket! Another $30-$40 item at stores.
We made one for 3.50!! I also made Katelyn a matching hair barrette for the wedding.

I am so happy I saved myself about $70.00! God is good.

Tuesday: met with wedding coordinator. We got alot of work done!

Wednesday: worked on some things my wedding coordinator and I had discussed the day before

Thursday: made many phone calls and emails! found out more info about decorating the church, and contacted some people with reception questions.

Friday: Justin and I worked on bridal party gift list and on our vows.

Saturday: went for my first fitting for my wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!
Justin ordered bridesmaid gifts. worked on flowers some more with Justin's mom.

Sunday (6/12/11):
picked a photographer, got more music to our pianist, found another potential song for the wedding. Coordinator found a few useful items from her wedding for me to borrow
did the Make-up trial
*PLEASE pray I do not have an allergic reaction.
We used all hypo-allergenic and prayed the entire time. If I have a reaction then....... not only is it money wasted but I will have red swollen eyes and a fever. I tried regular make-up once when I was 18 and two days later I experienced a reaction. Hopefully tho the hypo-allergenic will not cause a reaction.

So that was my week!
Planning is alright, but its not my favorite thing in the world. I am thankful though to be planning my wedding.
But I am looking forward to all this hard work paying off!

God bless,


Julia said...

Love the butterflies! Hope you don't have trouble with the make-up. That sure doesn't sound fun to deal with.

~SALLY~ said...

Whew! You are a busy girl!! :) It is all so worth it. I love the flower girl basket too!!! SO gorgeous! :)