Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We are in the 50s!

We just hit the 59 and counting days till the wedding!

I am actually feeling better about the planning of late, asking Crystal to be the coordinator was a great idea. (Thanks Katy for the suggestion of getting one!) She has been very helpful and right on target. It helps to have someone else be in charge.

We are currently debating the goatee or no-goatee for Justin for the wedding. I personally love the look of it.
But its still being discussed.

So, good news, Justin bought our rings today!!!!!!! He has his ring now, mine is getting re-sized.

And more good news, no reaction to the make-up!!! Thank you to all who prayed!

And last but not least,
Katy and Jason are coming to visit next week! I am so excited! We have been friends for two years and haven't met yet. :(
Its been a fun relationship, sorta pen-pals I guess. She has been a huge blessing and encouragement to me!

Another blessing,
Justin has been able to come visit once or twice a week every week. This has been so encouraging to me. I don't see him as much as I used to during college, and I miss him. I am so thankful he takes the time to come visit, even when he is busy. I am very blessed!

God bless,


~SALLY~ said...

I say Justin looks great and more mature with a goatee. :) But, it is what YOU like to see that counts! And congratulaions on making it to 50+ days! WOO HOO!

HIS daughter said...

YAYAYA SO CLOSE!!! I can't wait to see you!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! <3:)