Thursday, July 28, 2011

16 Days!

So, 16 days to go!
The wedding is on the same day as my youngest brother's birthday.
He asks me EVERY day, "How many days till my birthday???"
We are planning a surprise for him at the reception.

For me time has been dragging by..... Very. Very. Slowly.
For Justin time is flying by!
He tells me I am crazy to think it is dragging.
:) Maybe.

We are getting closer to finding an apartment, I am praying we could get it early enough to start moving our things in. The Lord has blessed us with a table and chairs, a couch, and a few other pieces of furniture.

I am pretty much done packing. Just a few things left to pack up, like my bed lamp and clock and so on.

I have been out shopping for things for our home, mostly now its cleaning stuff I have been buying. One of my bridesmaids gave me a shower gift of home essentials, like dish soap and garbage bags. BIG blessing! Thankyou Jordan!!!

Question for my readers...
I am hungry all the time and it is driving me crazy!
I keep trying to eat more protein and fruit, doesn't help.
For the past four weeks I have been dealing with this and its getting very annoying. Anyone know if this is cause by pre-wedding stress?

God bless,


Mrs. Mordecai said...

I don't know how old you are, but I grew two inches my first year of college. It's always possible that you're growing!

During college it seemed like I was always hungry too. I finally found that a big bowl of oatmeal and two hard-boiled eggs was the only breakfast that would stave off hunger until (almost!) lunchtime.

A little bit of fat and whole grains help me feel full, and the protein like you said. If all else fails, try chocolate. ;) Good luck!

What a crazy and exciting time in your life. I hope you're able to find an apartment soon.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! I recently found an apartment of my own, and am moving in August 20th. My husband walked out on me over a year ago, and my daughter and I have been with my parents ever since. I ordered a bunch of cooking essentials from It's mainly for emergencies, but I got the big cans of grain cereals, dried beans and baking basics. Regarding hunger, try a smoothie with protein first thing in the morning. We have Smoothie King here, don't know about you. Good luck and God bless! I can't wait for your wedding! I feel like I will be the old lady in the pews crying, only in a more "cyber" way.

LadyBBR said...

YES! Stress (of all kinds) can make you want to eat more. Think about fitting into that wedding dress....

~SALLY~ said...

Stress does lead to hunger...yes. So, make sure you are getting a good breakfast in the morning and staying fed throughout the day. Hope you find a place soon...praying about that with you! :)