Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lord, I Need You

Hello everyone,
As I write this post in my heart I am praying and praying.
The past two weeks have been very hard for me.
I have struggled so much with trusting the Lord.

With just twenty days to the wedding, I am excited and happy...
but I am also worried.

We still have not found an apartment, and have looked at eight so far.
With each new apartment that doesn't work out my heart sinks lower.

I want to trust the Lord,
not worry about the apartment and focus on the excitement I should be feeling now that I will finally marry Justin.

My friends have been so encouraging, and so many people are praying for us.
I really want to trust the Lord. But it has not been easy.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for us.

God bless,


Rachel M. said...

I just pray that the right apartment will come up for Rebecca and Justin. You can provide and you will! Thank You Jesus! In His Name, amen

Love you and how exciting about your wedding!

Blessings in Christ,

Danielle said...

Sorry to hear that. Why aren't they working out?
Can you go to an extended stay place until one comes through?

Pilgrim said...

Such a nice opportunity to surrender to His will! Don't worry; accept whatever the Lord wants for you, though it may be entirely different from what YOU want. In pleasing Him, you'll become happy too.

Lots of love


~SALLY~ said... will get a place SOON! God will get you there...He hasn't let you down yet and won't ever! Hang in there... :) (Oh yes, I accidently misspelled your name in a previous comment...SORRY!!)