Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Bridal Shower

My Bridal Shower was just this past Saturday! It was quite the event, and to be honest, rather odd for me to be the center of attention!

A big surprise was who my maid-of-honor and my mom picked out to do the devotional!
This is Sarah B., she actually taught several classes Justin and I took during college! Sarah and her husband have been a huge influence on our lives, and such a wonderful example of a godly marriage. She talked about Psalm 37.

It was a very weird feeling to be at the shower... I am really getting married? This is all for us?
Crazy! :)

Many wonderful friends and family from near and a few from far!
I saw some faces I haven't seen in years!

Such lovely bows, ribbons, cards and gifts! Many cards were filled with such sweet words from people who have known me since I was small!

Opening the gifts! The two little girls there were very "helpful" :) One is my sister, Katelyn the other is my cousin Madison.
At one point they both said "I think you have enough gifts now, you don't need anymore!"

A pretty wedding rings blanket was one of the gifts! Justin's mom gave this to us!

Haley and Galina helped put all the gifts away! :)

A special thanks to
  • Galina- Maid of Honor
  • Jordan- Bridesmaid
  • Haley- Bridesmaid
  • Jessica- Bridesmaid
  • Stephanie- Jr Bridesmaid
  • My Mom
  • Justin's Mom
  • My grandmothers!
  • and....... Janierra!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the photos in the Smilebox below!

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God bless,

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Anonymous said...

How nice! I love the blanket. I can't wait until you get married, lol.