Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Hampshire Wedding Trip

I recently attended the wedding of one of Justin's friends.
The trip up to New Hampshire was long! I went with Justin's family and a friend who was a bridesmaid for the wedding.

Since we "kids" (Justin and I, Jessica and her friend Jenn)
all fell asleep on the way up there was no
"Are we there yet?"

The wedding was held in a catholic church,
and I had never been to a catholic wedding before, so it was interesting.

Heather and Eric

The Kiss.
I was crying at parts of the wedding. lol.
Only because my own wedding is so close now!

The Happy Couple.

Justin's family.

My Man and I.
With only 5 weeks till the wedding, things are getting stepped up a notch.
Every day I realize that I need to do something, call someone, or go somewhere. Or that I have forgotten something!

Justin's apartment hunt is still going strong, although he has looked at a few already.

There are moments I realize just how close the wedding is... and its crazy!
After two years together it is still hard to believe we are finally getting married.
Its hard to believe that in five weeks I won't be living at this house anymore, but at a different place.
Its hard to believe I am leaving my family and starting a new one.
Its hard to believe I am leaving my church to join his.
Its hard to believe that I am finally going to be with him.

Its hard to believe.
But its all real!

God is good,


HIS daughter said...

Awww I love that pic of you and justin! He got his hair cut! Cute shirt btw ;)
Love and hugs!

~Rebecca~ said...

the shirt. lol thanks! That was our Savers find! ;)

the hair cut was an accident. the barber messed up big-time. it was perfect but then while trying to "fix" a longer tuft he cut a side WAY TOO SHORT! so the rest had to go. And since we had to leave for the trip there wasn't time to even it all out!