Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding checklist

With less then a month to go I thought you would all like to see what is going on in my world....

Wedding Music
- Had meeting with Pianist-trying to arrange a meeting of the singers with the pianist to practice. Our tenor dropped out... we are looking for another one. This was unexpected.

Order of Ceremony : finally completed and a copy has been sent off to pastor

Wedding Dress: Had the last fitting and its all ready!

Hair test: went very well, I chose a style, it looks awesome!

Decorations- arch, lights, tulle, curtains - we need to find these at the church. They seem to have vanished. The last wedding at my church was in 2008, and since then things got moved around. There will be two more weddings besides ours between August and January, so they need to be found.

Reception: -I have a meeting the 26th with the hall to confirm things, guest count and so on. I think we are discussing the cake then too.

Bridesmaids and dresses- check- but all the dresses have to be altered. :( That is being worked on. Jessica's dress came in way too small. All the others are the right size but fit very odd.

Groomsmen and whatever they're wearing: -check, Justin is getting the guys sizes now. I believe they are renting.

flowers: - have been ordered from the florist, I will be making the silk flower bouts and corsages for parents and grandparents this week. (hopefully)

Aisle runner: $20 one at Walmart

Rehearsal and dinner- I have to work on that. Dinner hopefully is pizza. Nothing fancy.

Pictures: checked off Had the meeting with the photographer, all set there. please pray for our Photographer as his wife recently passed away.

unity candle: Check, $7 for my set
autograph picture frame: Check, found one at A.C. Moore
card basket: Check.
rings -We have Justin's ring, mine is ready but hasn't been picked up yet.

other things...........
-Need to find someone for the sound system
- I have to figure out the who whats when and wheres for the morning of the wedding.

- I need to make table numbers for the reception.
- I will be working on seating chart this week hopefully.
- Justin and I are going to do the marriage license next week
- I talked to Justin about what we want for video and we are going to discuss it some more
- getting ready to start packing for honeymoon.

- Apartment....
We would both greatly appreciate your prayers as we are having some difficulty finding a place to live. With less then a month to go the lack of an apartment has me very worried. I am trying not to worry about it and trust the Lord, but it has not been easy.

I keep getting asked if I am "nervous" about marriage yet................



I am very excited!

The wedding itself? Now that is a different story.
I am worn out and can't wait to wake up August 13th give my hubby a hug and shout at the top of my lungs.....


That will be awesome!

God bless,


~SALLY~ said...

Ha ha...yes, you plan and plan and work your fingers to the bone and it is all over in one day. :) BUT, the lifetime of love and devotion is just beginning!! WOW. You are really doing great with your to-do list. There is a house for sale next to will just have to move to NY. LOL!!! Cool beans to be MY neighbor!! HA! And, we had pizza for our rehearsal dinner and totally yummy! :) Praying for you to be at peace and that you will enjoy these final, single days! :)

Anna said...

I just came your way via Katy's blog at 110% Surrendered. Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope you're enjoying this special time leading up to your wedding. :)