Monday, August 1, 2011

Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid

Here is Kitty's very pretty flower girl dress! She is soo adorable in it!

Kitty's hair test. I was trying to be creative with her bun. I have never tried this before.
I made the little hair barrette for her

My little princess :)

Any comments on the bun? Does it look good?
She loved it!!!!

And we found a jr Bridesmaid dress! My sister is incredibly petite and thin so it took a while. I am going to add a purple sash or ribbon to the waist.

My sisters are going to look adorable!

God bless,


Carrie said...

Both dresses are great! And the bun does look good! In fact, it looks very feminine and pretty, and adorable!! =)

Alexandra said...

Hi Rebecca,

I love the dresses! So cute! :) And the bun is really neat. I like the twisted look. You know, one way for the curled tendrils at the temples to stand out more is to wet that single string of hair and twist it. Then let it dry naturally. I do that with my hair, and it usually twists itself into a very nicely pronounced curl. I'll send a photo over email to show you what I mean. :) TTYL!

~SALLY~ said...

Have I commented on this post yet? I don't think I have but if so, oh brain is shot today! LOL! Very beautiful dresses and I LOVE the barrette!! The butterfly theme you chose is going to be beautiful!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You better be bloggin' after you get hitched too girlie!!