Monday, August 1, 2011

Thanks and Updates

I just want to say a quick thankyou to all those who have been reading my blog and offering so much a encouragement and all those little bits of advice!

The hungry-all-the-time has stopped, I think it was stress related. I received some very interesting and funny comments on this hungry business... the answer to those questions is no.

Wedding planning going pretty smooth... finally.

Apartment hunt is soon to be over!! I am so relieved!
Justin is still working third shift, and we have been looking for an apartment that would allow us to save some of his income for a better place when we start our own little family.
He is also trying to find a 1st or 2nd shift job instead of 3rd.
But for now he will be working third shift.

Since our two year anniversary mark we have held hands a few times on a few special occasions... but by next week... I can hold his hand whenever I want to!!!

I woke this morning and thought... "I am getting married next week?"

Its about time! lol

God bless,


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