Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life is Grand!!

Hi Everyone!
Life has been incredibly busy lately.
I am really enjoying having my own home, and my own husband.
Setting up our apartment has very enjoyable, and learning to cook for a family of two instead of a family of ten has taken some getting used to. :)

I recently had the flu... and my darling hubby took good care of me. Thankfully he didn't catch it from me.

Last week we had the youth group over for an activity night. 6 teens showed up with hungry tummies! Justin is their Sunday School teacher, and has recently been put in charge of the youth group. I am looking forward to future youth activities!

This past Saturday we went to the church to help with cleaning up the grounds for the Harvest Fest, my father-in-law treated us to fresh bakery goodies!

I will hopefully be posting wedding photos soon, they are done and I have to pick them up.

We also went to the Big E!!
That was alot of fun!

Keep an eye on my New blog for more photos and posts.
I will be making the complete transition to my new blog sometime this fall.

God bless,


~SALLY~ said...

Your comment about the flu brought back some memories for me. My husband and I were only married one month and he spent all of our first Christmas with the stomach flu. It was HORRIBLE. I didn't catch it but sure got a crash course in being a nurse to my new husband!!! Glad you are adjusting well!! :)`

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are enjoying married life. Next time you are at the store, get some freezer bags, and if you cook too much one night, just throw the rest into the bags in the freezer for later.