Our Story

Our Story,
It was the day before the start of the fall semester of 2007 and I was signed up as a freshmen in the Night College. My best friend, Galina, was starting her freshmen year at the Day College.
Now that I was a "college student"- I was able to attend the college Sunday school class.
As a nervous 18 year old, I walked into a classroom filled with new young faces, only a few students I knew from previous years, since I attend the church that runs both the evening and day colleges.

I scanned the room for Galina, but she wasn't there yet, and only a few chairs were available in the crowded class room. I walked in and quickly sat down at a front row desk. A new freshmen college student was sitting to my left.
"Hi," I said.
"Hi, I'm Justin," he answered.
"I'm Rebecca, nice to meet you," I replied.
At that moment Galina walked in and I began chatting with her....

I didn't talk to Justin again...until the Valentine Banquet of 2008.

My brother's friend Mark L, someone I have known since we were toddlers, asked me to go with him to the banquet. He was not to enthusiastic asking a girl he didn't know and so... I went with him since he knew me!

The table we ended up being assigned to sit at had an engaged couple, a girl and guess who? That college guy Justin. Well, truth be told only Justin and I talked that entire evening at our table! (lol, at least that is how I remember it...)

We talked about our favorite board games as I can recall. I thought he was a pretty nice guy, and I wondered if he would become one of my friends after that banquet. (I was not interested in him yet tho...)

We never spoke to each other again the rest of that semester!

So, I shrugged my shoulder, "oh well,"
He did strike me as a rather peculiar sort of guy....
Summer break begins....

"By the end of the school year, looking back I could hear the Lord say, "What about her? She is the One, just wait," about a certain someone. I had seen her too. A student at the Night school, Rebecca M, I had been friendly with no other thought then, "Maybe" " -Justin M. 


"...I was excited to finally be back in school, and had re-acquainted myself with Rebecca... I found myself seeking more time with her as the school year progressed. I started glancing in her direction more often, realizing there was potential there. I sought the Lord and did not receive a red light, so I continued pursuing a friendship with her." -Justin

The fall semester of 2008 had begun.
I had taken a break from college classes for this semester, because I wasn't sure what the Lord wanted me to do. I had started an application process to the day college for the secretarial course, but felt that this was not what God had for me.

Around late September, my best friends' family -Galina and her sister Haley- moved several states away. I was practically devastated. I didn't have any other friends at the time, and didn't really know the college girls my age. I was busy though!

In November my family *tried* to take a family picture, and with 10 people it was quite the experience! When I went to Sunday school that morning, I had no one to share my funny story with! I missed Galina sooo bad! I looked around the room and noticed Justin sitting across from me. I just started telling him about it. He had been hanging around my brother Collin alot, and I thought they were good friends. (ahem...didn't know he had another reason for doing that!)

A few weeks later....

My church began a kids' Bible program once a month, on a Friday night, called "Kingdom Kids". I was one of several teachers for this program and we were always looking for helpers!
I asked one of the college guys to "come help watch a crowd of excited kids"
"I'm working that night, sorry," Kris said.
"Oh, do you know if any other guys are available?" I asked.
Kris scanned the church auditorium, "Hmmm...go try Justin- he isn't talking to anyone right now,"
I bounded up to Justin and explained the situation,
"Sure, I can come, what time?" he said.

I taught the lesson that night, it was quite an exciting story and I was VERY animated. I remember asking Justin what he thought of the lesson when it was done, "Those kids didn't move! You really kept their attention!"

A few days later I thanked Justin for coming by to help out.
"Hey, by the way, how did you know I was off of work Friday?" he asked.
"I didn't know, must've been the Holy Spirit!" I smiled and walked away.
(what I later found out was that he couldn't figure out how I knew he was off of work he NEVER got Friday nights off, and just happened to that night. He thought maybe I was interested in him and asking people about him. not yet!! lol)

I did like him, but struggled.
I didn't want to have another crush!
I tried to not think about guys at all by that point.

But the Christmas banquet was coming....
I wondered if maybe this nice guy was going to ask me to go with him....
or if I would have to go alone.

I went alone.

"The Christmas Banquet was coming, and... I desired to ask her to the banquet. Only I did not know if she felt the same way and I did not want things to move ahead of the God's timing..."
- Justin

I was missing my dear friend Galina so much!
Who would I talk to at the banquet??

So, I went to the banquet missing my best friend and hoping that the other college girls would want me to sit with them.

When I got to the banquet a few girls told me, "Come sit with us!" so we went to put our coats in the side room. Justin followed us talking to one girl about a college paper he was writing.
We got to our table, the girls sat down....
and I ended up alone at the other end facing an empty chair.
As I resigned myself to just "enjoy the meal" I happened to see a hand on the empty chair in front of me, "May I sit with you?"

I looked up, and there was Justin.
I am not joking, my heart skipped a beat right then and there!

"Yes, of course you can!"

"God saw my caution and blessed that.... we both ended up sitting across from each other. It turned into a special night as we talked and discovered more about each other. I knew I had found someone special."